Our Purpose

To gather local community members in a private venue for the common purpose of raising awareness and support to the following causes:


Supporting First Responders- Local Police Departments, Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Technicians and other First responding agency that help in the time of need. TASC will raise funds through its Charitable activities to help in time of emergencies and to help support families that suffer from any of these events. TASC will offer 1st year free to all First responders active and non-active in the hopes to establishing a gathering place for First Responders.  


Veterans and Active Duty Military- TASC will actively assist Veterans returning from active duty get re-established in the community. This could include- further education- medical attention – or any financial help while getting situated in the community. Family support will also be part of our program to help cope with loved ones returning home. TASC will offer 1st year free to all Veterans active and non-active in the hopes to establishing a gathering place for Veterans. 


Cancer or Other Research Agencies- TASC through member voting will organize events to help raise donations to research agencies of its choice. Many members who have had to deal with terrible diseases will take part in deciding how certain funds will be distributed, giving members the ability to make a difference for their causes. 


Single Mothers or Fathers (parent) Assistance- TASC members as a community club will allocate donations to help single parents with childcare cost. It will not be required to be a member to receive donations from TASC for childcare. Proper channels of qualifications for these donations will be present and then approved by the member board. 


Animal Welfare-TASC will work closely with local Animal Shelters to help provide funding for Food or shelter as needed to help the well being of all animals. Animal Welfare workers will also be part of our 1st year free program so that they can gather as a community to socialize and drum up new ideas for Animal Welfare. 


Families suffering from Drug Addiction fallout-TASC wants to help the war on addiction but allocating charitable donations to families that have suffered from a loved one’s addiction. TASC will work closely with community members that may be experiencing this type of fall out or anything related to addiction. 


Higher Education financial assistance- TASC will participate in raising funds for individuals or programs to give financial support to help with college or a technical school.


Note: Although the above are the primary focus of TASC, TASC does not limit itself to just these but reserves the right through member board voting to be active in any charitable cause it approves.


We look forward to you becoming a member of The American Social Club soon!